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Dog Boarding Services in Carrollton, TX

And at the end of a long day…

Boarding is more than just being stuck in a dog kennel at Barney’s Ranch, it’s the whole daycare experience and then a great place to bunk.

You get to play all day either inside or outside in our 8,000 sq/ft yard depending on the weather conditions and at the end of the day it is time to relax, chow and sleep.

All guests are boarded in spacious corrals and if that’s not big enough, we have several executive suites that are large enough to accommodate even the biggest doggy families.

If you require special medication then rest at ease, we have you covered. Barney’s Ranch has a vet tech on staff!!!

Staying at Barney’s Ranch costs a lot less than staying at the Hilton, but it’s a whole lot more fun!

Serving Flower Mound, Richardson, and Surrounding Areas

Call the Ranch at (469) 450-7040

Boarding Rates

Luxury Suite

  • 1 Dog
  • 2 Dog’s
  • <15 lbs
  • $35
  • $55
  • 15 - 100 lbs
  • $38
  • $65
  • >100 lbs
  • $40
  • $75

Long Term Boarding

  • >14 days, please call for custom quote.

*All boarding rates include the overnight stay & full day play-care.

*Application of medication: $3.00 per day.

*We reserve the right to refuse boarding if a pre-existing medical conditions could compromise the health of your dog.

*We require all boarding guests over 15 LBS to be spayed/neutered if over 8 months old.

**Oral/Topical medications are administered at a rate of $3 per day. We do not accept boarding guests that have any of the following conditions (or is taking medication for any of the following conditions): Diabetes, Seizures, Cushing’s/Addison’s Disease, Heart Disease, Currently Receiving Puppy Series, Recovering from Surgery/Anesthetic Procedure, Bandages in Place/Bandage Changes Needed or Major Autoimmune Disorders. If your dog has any of the medical conditions listed above, we strongly recommend veterinary boarding.

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