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Many dog owners like to give their pets treats from time to time, especially as “gifts” during the holidays, but may be unsure what is best for the animal.

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One way to solve the problem is to take your pet along with you to the pet store and have him sample different treats in the store.

Or you may know what kinds of flavors and textures your dog likes by just observing him. Other factors may come into play as well. For example, if your dog has a powerful bite, you may want to avoid treats that could break into sharp edges in his mouth. Or if you dog is a little overweight, you may want to get treats that are more low calorie. Here are some ideas for treats.

  1. Bones

Natural treats like bones and other beefy edibles have great flavor and come in all shapes and sizes for all types and ages of dogs. As with all treats, you want to take into account your dog’s size and chewing capacity before selecting from among the hundreds of types of beefy treats on the market.

  1. Rawhide

These chews also come in many different shapes, sizes, types and flavors. They also help to give your pet a good jaw workout and to clean his teeth at the same time. Dogs also appreciate the natural scent, taste and texture of the chews.

The chews come in a number of different types, including braided hide, rolls, bone knots, compressed bones, and chips. Some also have meaty flavors baked right in to the material. Again, if you have a larger animal, you should give him larger chews, like knotted bones, to prevent choking. Smaller pets can be given chews like chips.

  1. Filled bones

These are similar to rawhide treats, but they are also filled with a tasty paste or gel that dogs love. After the dog eats the original filling, you can replace it with other foods such as peanut butter. Another option is to put the treats in the freezer for your dog to eat when the weather turns hot.

  1. Dog biscuits

These are probably the most common and well known types of treats. There are hundreds of different kinds on the market in many different flavors. Because many dog owners are concerned about their pets’ diets and eating healthy, many biscuits are now made with healthy ingredients, such as whole grain, real meat, fruits and vegetables.

Many biscuits now also contain different nutritious dietary supplements. And they are made to fit every type of dog – ones that may be overweight, may have food allergies or digestive problems.

Many dog owners travel during the holiday season and can’t take their dog with them. If that’s the case for you, contact Barney’s Ranch. We offer day- and overnight-boarding services during the holidays. Call us at (469) 273-1661 for more information.