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Because of illness or injury, some dogs may require surgery, and afterward, they will need time to recover. There are things that you can do to make things more comfortable for pets during their convalescence, and to ensure that they don’t hurt themselves while recuperating. Here are a few.

Carrollton dog boarding

  1. A firm place to rest.

A firm, supportive mattress or orthopedic dog bed might also be a good option to help your pet with his recovery. They will give support and comfort, preventing him from taking a fall.

  1. Dog gates.

The gates can be used to block off areas near steps, ledge, or any similar areas where your pet may fall. You can use the gates until your pet is steady enough to navigate such areas without help. The gates can also be used to confine the dog to a smaller area to limit his activity and help him heal more quickly. The gates can prevent the animal from become overactive, as well as isolating him from other animals.

You don’t want to isolate your pet like this all the time, however. Allow him time to roam under supervision.

  1. Throw rugs for floors.

If you have floors slippery floors, it might be worthwhile investing in throw rugs that have a rubber backing to hold them in place. This will also help to prevent your pet from slipping and falling on the floor, which can cause injury to areas where sutures have been placed.

  1. Raised food and water dishes.

You can buy raised food and water bowls in different sizes for any breed of dog. They can help your dog to eat with less strain, as well as helping with digestion. If your dog has a surgical wound, bending over to eat may be uncomfortable, and the raised bowls will alleviate this problem.

Because they reduce the discomfort, your dog also will be more likely to eat more.

  1. A few first aid supplies.

You may want to have on hand a few first aid supplies, such as Vetericyn, a non-toxic antimicrobial spray, to help prevent infection. Other supplies to include are gauze and non-stick pads. The non-stick pads work well to cover wounds. They are absorbent and don’t pull scabs off the wound.

Once your dog has recovered, why not treat him to day running outside with other dogs in our 4,000-square-foot dog run here at Barney’s Ranch. We offer day- and overnight-boarding services. Give us a call at (469) 273-1661 for more information.