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If you are considering dog ownership, you certainly want to be prepared and make sure you have everything you need and know what to do to properly care for your new pet.

Here are a few of the basics, some of the most important things that should be on your list to do and know as you get ready for your new member of the family.

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  1. A first aid kit.

You want to make sure you have a safe environment for your pet, and an important part of that is having a first aid kit on hand if your pet does something he shouldn’t and ends up with a minor injury.

Here is a list of the things you should have in your first aid kit: cotton swabs and balls, bandages and sterile gauze pads, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, first aid tape, scissors, antiseptic wipes, flashlight and batteries, leash, muzzle, splint, gloves, eye wash, antibacterial ointment, mineral oil, ice pack and hot pack, buffered aspirin, thermometer, bottle of water, veterinary documents, and a book on first aid.

  1. Cleaning up.

The first order of business is making sure you are prepared for any emergencies and can ensure the safety of your dog. Once this is taken care of, you want to start thinking about the everyday needs of your animal. One of these is cleaning up after him.

One of the things your dog will leave around the house is fur. To handle this situation, it is important to groom and brush your pet on a regular basis. This will reduce the amount of shedding. You also need to vacuum regularly to pick up the fur on furniture. Lint rollers also work well on removing pet hair from clothing.

  1. Going to the vet.

Naturally, you need to take your pet to the vet for his regular checkups. But you should also take him to the vet when you notice other unusual symptoms. For example, he may have a runny nose, sneezing or discharge from the eyes. This is known as kennel cough and needs the attention of a medical professional.

One routine cause for taking a dog to the vet is when the animal eats something he shouldn’t have. Some foods that are innocuous to humans can have more severe health consequences for dogs.

Another common reason for a visit is when the animal swallows an object he should not. Some of the signs of this include a distended abdomen, constipation or diarrhea or vomiting.

Pets have also been known to accidentally ingest poison, such as when they mistake rat poison for a treat. This results in vomiting, foaming at the mouth, and nosebleeds.

Another thing to be aware of in your pet that will require the attention of a vet is an allergy. Signs of an allergy usually include as sneezing, itchiness, runny eyes, and a lot of scratching.

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