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If you are a dog owner, you know that your pet will sometimes decide to go on the carpet. There is little that is more frustrating to pet owners than potty training their animals. So, here are a few tips to help you prevent your animal from making a mess inside the house and to help you clean up if he does.

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  1. Going for a walk.

To make sure your pet does his duty outside, you need to take him or her for a daily walk. Pet experts recommend taking your animal for a walk at least 15 minutes twice a day. You should establish a routine so the dog knows when it is time to go. Some pet owners recommend taking two plastic grocery bags along to take care of the waste. To clean up the waste, put the bag over your hand like a glove, grab the waste, and then pull the bag inside out to prevent the waste from soiling your hands. It works well inside and outside.

  1. Using Bitter Apple Spray.

This is a powerful taste deterrent that was invented by a pharmacist. It is used to prevent an animal from biting its fur but can be used to help stop your pet from making a mess inside also. If your animal takes a dump or urinates inside the house, spray some of the Bitter Apple on the end of a towel. Take your dog to the place where he made the mess, and then put the towel under his nose.

It doesn’t take long for the dog to make the connection between going on the carpet and smelling the unpleasant odor of the Bitter Apple Spray. It may only take two or three times doing it before he gets the message.

  1. Pet crates.

If you are going to be out of the house for an extended period of time, a pet crate will also prevent your pet from soiling inside the house. Pets generally will not go inside the crate when they are in it.

A Good Way to Clean Up

If your pet does urinate on the carpet, using a hot iron and paper towel in addition to a rug cleaner can help with the cleanup. First, use Lysol, Resolve or some other cleaner on the carpet. These products usually do a pretty good job, but there may be some residue left over, stuff that really gets embedded.

To get at this leftover urine, put a paper towel over it on the carpet. Then, slowly run a hot iron over it in a circular motion several times. This will cause the urine to soak into the towel.

A dog that never soils inside your home is a good boy indeed and therefore deserves a special treat: running around for hours in our 4,000-square-foot dog run.

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