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As with any animal, it makes a difference how you approach a dog. You don’t want to do it in a way that frightens or stresses it. Here are a few tips on how to approach a dog you don’t know in a friendly and appropriate way.

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  1. First, it is important to get permission from the dog’s owner.
  2. As you near the dog, make sure not to make direct eye contact.
  3. Walk up to the dog slowly.
  4. Lower yourself to the dog’s level.
  5. Wait for the dog to come to you.
  6. Pet the animal gently
  7. Watch his or her behavior, whether the dog is looking relaxed and happy, or anxious.

There are some other things to keep in mind as well when you greet an animal. Like humans, they will become stressed and hostile if you ignore their boundaries and personal space.

Again, avoid sudden movements. Don’t run up to a dog. Approach slowly. Don’t stare at the animal. They don’t like it any better than humans do. Try not to stand over the dog, as this might be interpreted as a threatening gesture.

Also, just like humans, dogs have their personal space. Try not to invade that space. Stand a little away from the dog as you approach it for the first time, presenting the side of your body to the dog, rather than coming at the animal head-on.

Let the dog come to you at his or her own pace. Don’t reach out to the animal. If the dog looks uneasy or anxious, don’t pet him. Only pet the dog if he looks happy and relaxed, if he comes up to you and rubs against you.

Pet the dog gently. And this is important to let children know – avoid hugging, kissing, or patting the dog roughly if you are greeting it for the first time.

Stay away from dogs that you have not seen before, especially if they are tied up. The same is true for pets that are in a car: don’t try to pet them or reach in. Keep a little distance between yourself and the car so the dog does not perceive you as a threat.

Essentially, you just need to use good common sense. You know what would frighten or annoy another person when greeting him or her, and for the most part, the same is true for dogs.

We would love to greet your beloved four-legged family member here at Barney’s Ranch the next time you need to head out of town for a day or several overnights. Just give us a call at (469) 273-1661 to learn more about our day- and night-boarding services.