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You probably know about some foods that dogs should not eat – chocolate and dairy products for example. These are some of the well-known not-good-for-dogs food. But there are other foods that also are not the best for your pet, foods that you may not know can be harmful. Here are a few to watch out for.

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  1. Hot dogs .

They are not the best food for humans, and the same is true for dogs. Hot dogs contain salt and preservatives in amounts that are just not healthy for your pet. Too many can give your dog diarrhea and indigestion.

  1. Snack foods.

These are highly processed edibles loaded with salt, and all of that salt can make your dog really thirsty, as well as causing increased urination. Again, snack foods are not the best fare for humans, and so that should be an indication that we should keep them away from dogs as well.

Moreover, too much snack food can give your pet sodium ion poisoning from all the salt, the symptoms of which are vomiting, diarrhea and fever. In extreme cases, it can also lead to death.

Many people think this is a natural treat for dogs. Doesn’t every dog like a good bone? But in reality, bones are not the best thing to give to a dog. They can splinter in a dog’s mouth, leading to puncture wounds in the mouth, stomach or intestine. They can also obstruct the passage of food through the digestive system.

  1. Fruits and desserts.

Both of these foods contain a lot of sugar, which can lead to problems with blood glucose in dogs. The worst, however, are grapes and raisins. They can cause serious kidney complications and even death in dogs if eaten.

Also, keep chocolate and Xylitol away from dogs because they are both deadly to canines when ingested.

Dogs simply cannot handle alcohol. Even just a little can prove fatal – just a lick or two. So, if you are throwing a party, and your pooch is wandering around, take care that there are no half empty glasses with alcohol lying around that your pet can stick his tongue into.

Finally, pet owners also need to be aware of foods that can be choking hazards for dogs. For example, hot dogs, bones and even corn on the cob (if too big a piece), can also get stuck in the animal’s air duct. Make sure whatever the dog is eating is bite-sized.

If boarding your dog at Barney’s Ranch, bring any special foods or medications he need when you drop him off for his stay. (It’s also a good idea to let us know of any dietary restrictions when you make a reservation. Call us at (469) 273-1661 for more information on our day and overnight boarding services.