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As winter approaches, you need to be aware of things you can do to help protect your pet in the cold weather. Just as humans do, pet owners need to take cold weather precautions for their animals. While it doesn’t snow (much) here in the Dallas region, here are a few tips for helping your pet in the winter.

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  1. Watch for snow and ice.

On the relatively rare occasions when the ground is covered with snow and ice here, it can make things more difficult and painful for your dog. If you notice your dog limping during a walk, take a look at his paws to see if there is any ice caught between the toes.

If the paws are red and irritated, you can rub a little petroleum jelly on them. Another option is to buy booties for your dog to wear. Just make sure they are the right size.

  1. Use winter clothing.

If you have a larger dog with thick fur, you probably won’t have to worry about him or her being cold when you head outside. But for smaller dogs, it would be a good idea to get him a coat to wear when you go out.

  1. Avoid leaving your pet in the car.

You probably have heard the advice not to leave your pet in the car during the summer because the heat can kill him. The same is true during the winter. Leaving your pet in the car when it is cold outside can be harmful to your pet’s health as well.

  1. Keep your pet inside.

During the winter, the best place for your pet is inside the house, even if he spends most of his time outside during other times of the year, or even if he has a doghouse. A doghouse is no place for your dog to be when the weather is below freezing.

  1. Watch for chemicals.

If you are putting antifreeze in your car for the cold weather, watch for spills. This chemical tastes sweet to dogs, so they are apt to lap it up, which can be deadly. Also, keep antifreeze containers closed tight and away from your pet.

  1. Give him more food.

If your pet spends a lot of time outdoors during the colder weather, he may burn more calories than in warmer weather. Check with your vet to see if you should give him a little more food during the winter to make sure he has enough fuel for all his physical activity.

  1. Care for his skin.

Just as with humans, a dog’s skin gets drier and itchier during the winter months. So, don’t bathe him as often, and when you do, use a moisturizing shampoo.

No matter the weather, dogs love to play with other dogs. Whether you’re heading out of town for a day or a week, consider letting your pet board here with us, where he or she can run around out 4,000-square-foot dog run with our other guests!

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