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First of all, if you just bought a dog, and you are not falling in love with each other right away, don’t despair. Like many relationships, it takes time for you and your dog to bond. Here are a few things you can do to get closer to your pet.

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  1. Give him room.

Give your pet a place where he can be alone, a place where he can feel safe and comfortable. It could be something like a corner of the room, a crate or doggy bed. You can make the space more dog-friendly by adding blankets and chew toys. When your pet is in his space, leave him alone and make sure no one else bothers him.

  1. Protect your dog.

Many dogs love to interact with people and enjoy it when someone wants to pet them. However, some animals don’t like the attention from strangers. If this is the case, you, as the owner, should step in and tell the person not to approach your pet. The dog will appreciate that his owner is looking out for him.

  1. Do what your dog likes to do.

For example, some dogs love to play Frisbee. If that is the case, go to the park and play Frisbee with your pet often.

  1. Let the dog sleep in the bedroom.

You should do this at least until your new pet is feeling comfortable in his or her new environment. This is another way of telling the dog that you care for him, that he or she is one of the family.

  1. Play with your dog.

Just goof around with him. Grab a chew toy and tug on it with him. Have a wrestling match. Run around the yard with your pet. The idea is just to have some fun together.

  1. Walk leisurely with him.

Some people grab the leash and take their pet for a quick spin around the neighborhood, just to get the exercise out of the way. But to help you bond with your pet, use the walk to spend quality time together. Go for a longer walk now and then. Be with your dog, not talking on the cell phone. Let your pet explore, and explore with him.

  1. Feed him by hand.

Naturally, you are going to feed your dog. But from time to time, instead of simply dumping the food into a bowl, feed your pet from your hand. You don’t have to do this for the entire meal, just a few handfuls before giving the animal his bowl. This lets the pet know where the food comes from.

  1. Let him play with other dogs here with us.

Dogs are pack animals and love to play with other dogs. Many owners take their pets to a nearby dog park for this exact purpose.

Yet what if your dog could stay at the dog park all day? That’s hardly a possibility due to your own time constraints. But have your dog stay for a day or overnight with us and he’ll enjoy our 4,000-square-foot outdoor dog run as much or as little as he’d like.

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