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People own pets for different reasons. Some just love animals, others are looking for company. But owning a dog also has other benefits, good things you are probably not even aware of. Here are a few.

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  1. Dogs improve our health.

It’s true. Several studies have shown that pets have a positive effect on people’s health. For example, they can actually help with allergies. This probably comes as a surprise because there are people who have cat and dog allergies. But research has shown that people who are exposed to pets as children are 50 percent less likely to have allergies to animals as adults.

Another surprising effect of owning a dog is that it can actually affect your blood pressure. This was shown in a study with stockbrokers, who work a high-stress job. Researchers gave one group of stockbrokers dogs and cats, while another group did not have any pets. The group with the pets showed more stable blood pressure than those who had no pets.

And, pets also help to get us motivated to stay healthy. Playing with your pet and taking him or her for a walk gets you up off the couch and moving around.

  1. They improve our moods.

Everyone knows this. But pets can affect our feelings in ways we may not even be aware of. For example, research has shown that pets can enhance a person’s self-esteem. Pet owners are generally more outgoing and confident.

Thinking about our pets also makes us feel better. People in one study were asked to write about their pets, while others were asked to write about something else. Those who wrote about their pets were happier than those who did not.

  1. They lower stress.

Some animal experts believe that just by petting our animals we can reduce stress. But pet owners say that their dogs actually help them through stressful times just as much and often more than people. Part of the reason for this could be that pets offer their affection without making any judgments. It is there no matter what.

  1. They help with loneliness.

Pets comfort us as much as good friends do. But studies show that pets don’t replace people, they are an extra support in addition to people. People say that they feel they get as much support from their pets as they do from other people.

As much as your dog loves spending time with you, he does pine for his own kind and if your dog is your only dog, he especially enjoys playing with other dogs.

That’s why he would love you even more if you were to give him a day playing with other dogs in our 4,000-square-foot outdoor dog run. Contact Barney’s Ranch. at (469) 273-1661 for more information on our day boarding services.