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If you have never owned a puppy before, you wouldn’t believe they could cause any problems. They are so cute and cuddly! They seem so innocent and friendly. But, like any other animal, they can pick up bad behaviors. Here are a few things to watch out for:

  1. Not being house trained.

This is often the result of giving the animal too much freedom too soon. If you have this problem, you need to go back and retrain the dog, and, in the meantime, limit the dog’s movements in the house when you are not around.

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Soooooo cute! Until he pees on the rug.

Sometimes when they greet their owners, puppies will urinate. This is not a problem with house training, but simply the fact that the dog is still timid. It usually goes away with time, but while the dog is doing it, it is best to try not to excite the dog or scare it.

While not a real problem, it is something to be prepared for. Most puppies are very active. That is just the way puppies are. You need to give the puppy the chance to burn off that energy a few times a day. But don’t make the animal exercise if he does not want to. This is not good for the dog’s growing joints.

This is another natural behavior with dogs. They do it when playing or when they are excited.

If this is a behavior you want to stop, you need to be deliberate about it. When the dog nips, you should yelp as if you have been injured and move away from the dog for a few moments. This is a signal to the puppy that he has bit too hard – something he will understand, because it is a behavior dogs do themselves.

If he then stops biting, you need to reward his good behavior with a treat.

  1. Eating feces.

Yes, it’s actually a fairly common behavior among puppies. The obvious solution is to clean the poop up as soon as possible so you remove the opportunity. If you catch the dog eating feces, give him a stern command to stop. The veterinarian can also supply a food additive that makes his poop taste bad.

Here at Barney’s Ranch, we’re happy to take your young dog in for a day or overnight, so long as he or she is housetrained. For more information on our day- and overnight boarding services, give us a call at 469-450-7040 or e-mail us at info@BarneysRanch.com.