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Do you know how much your dog loves you? Exceedingly much! With that kind of devotion, it’s no wonder we lavish so many gifts and treats on our four-legged family members.  It’s also a no-brainer that we want to be the best owner we can be.

But what makes a great owner? We’ve come up with six things that we feel masterful masters do either for or to their dogs every day. Read below:

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  1. Groom and wash your dog regularly.

Short-haired dogs should be shampooed about every three months; dogs with longer hair should be washed more often, depending on dirty and possibly matted her fur may become. (By the way, don’t use the shampoo you use on yourself because some of the ingredients used in it could be irritating to your dog’s skin.)

Brush your dog’s coat regularly to help prevent matting (you’ll need to groom your long-haired dog every day) and get her a haircut every so often, especially just before summer if you live in a warm climate and she has long/long-ish hair.

  1. Clip the dog’s nails.

Long toe nails can have a negative impact on how well you dog walks and runs. You will need special dog clippers for this task. If you’re nervous about clipping the dog’s nails, ask the vet to do it or ask the vet to show you how.

  1. Make sure the dog has access to fresh water every day.

Active dogs can drink a lot of water, especially if the two of you run around the dog park playing Frisbee for several hours. Always keep a bottle of water (and possibly a bowl) with you when you and your dog head out. At home, always make sure the dog can easily access his water bowl (whether inside or out in the yard for a bit) and change the water daily.

  1. Walk the dog every day.

And we mean every day. Never take a day off because dogs truly need exercise to be happy and healthy. An older dog may not need as much as activity as a younger dog, but your senior dog still needs – and definitely wants – to get outdoors!

  1. Play with her every day.

You don’t have to play outdoors (although outdoors is best), but your dog wants to play with you. You’re the leader of her pack, she loves you and she wants to play with you.

Playing with your dog also helps prevent her from doing those things she was made to do (dig and hunt) and so playing with you helps her keep from digging in your carpet and other destructive indoor behaviors. If possible, head outside for a game of fetch with her favorite squeaky toy. Doing so helps keep her mind engaged and her body healthy.

  1. Show your dog a lot of love.

Praise and pet her every chance you have. Give her a special food treat every now and then (possibly when you notice incredibly good behavior on her part.

The above six things are the biggies. Other ways you can be a great dog owner include:

  • Making sure all her vaccinations are up-to-date.
  • Giving her the chance to be outside more than just once a day (in your backyard, for example).
  • Providing her with a safe and warm place to sleep each night.

Finally, when you go out of town, give your dog her own vacation by boarding her here at Barney’s Ranch.

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