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There are a few things you should never do when you’ve decided to board your dog at an overnight kennel, so we’ve put together a short list of them here to help you.

dog boarding tips

  1. Never take your dog to a kennel if you haven’t visited it first.

Yes, we know that business trips can come up overnight, but taking your dog to a kennel neither you nor he has visited before is a recipe for misery.

Always visit a boarding kennel at least a few days in advance so that you can see its facilities, how clean it is, speak to the employees, and even make a reservation. (It’s always smart to reserve a spot at least a few days in advance, just in case the kennel is full when you need to board the dog. You definitely should make a reservation if you’re going to be out of town during a major holiday or during the summer – the busy vacation season.)

In fact, you should bring your dog with you when you visit; your dog can take a look around and become familiar with the kennel so that when you drop him off there he won’t be as anxious.

  1. You may be nervous yourself about your dog’s stay in the kennel, but work hard to not show it.

If you’re nervous or sad about leaving your dog in the kennel, your dog will pick up on this and it could cause him to be nervous/sad about it, too. Instead, aim to be as upbeat as possible about going to the kennel. In fact, when it’s time to actually leave the kennel, give your dog a quick goodbye; don’t linger and make it dramatic.

  1. Never drop the dog off on the day you leave on your trip. Drop him off the day before.

Think about it: you’re rushing to get ready, to pack up the last of your things, to make it to the airport on time/get on the road at a decent hour. You’re rushing and you’re stressed and your dog is now stressed, making the fact that you’re leaving him at the kennel even more upsetting for him.

Instead, drop the dog off the day before your day of departure. You can take your time getting there, you won’t be rushed and your dog can start his “vacation” relaxed and happy because you’re relaxed and happy.

You also may want to pick your dog up from the kennel the day after you return.

Whether you’re heading out on business or on a highly anticipated family vacation, treat your dog to a great time by boarding him here at Barney’s Ranch. Contact us either by calling 469-450-7040 or by sending us a message at info@BarneysRanch.com.

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