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Some pet owners swear they will never board their dog overnight in a kennel, no matter what. Should they need to leave their pet home when they travel for pleasure or business, they have decided they will find someone to either visit the dog a few times a day or even stay overnight in their home with their dog.

If this is you, we’d like you to consider boarding your dog instead (give it a try, at least once). To help you decide that this is a good idea, we’ve put together a list of five benefits you could enjoy by boarding your dog.

  1. Dogs love company.

Dogs are pack animals and if you can’t be home and if the sitter can’t stay with the dog all day and night, placing your pet in a boarding kennel allows him the chance to play with other dogs and interact with other humans. He’ll be much happier and far less lonely in a boarding kennel.

  1. You may save your furniture.

Dogs can become very lonely when you’re not there, even if a sitter is at your home. How lonely? So lonely that they take their loneliness out on your furniture, drapes, even your carpeting. Boarding your dog means he won’t be home to destroy your things.

benefits to boarding dog

Place your dog in a good boarding kennel and you can return from your vacation to a home just as you left it – neat and not destroyed by a lonely, frantic dog.

  1. You may save peace in your neighborhood.

If your sitter visits just a few times a day, what will your dog do on his own alone? One thing he may do is bark. For hours. And hours. And hours. You may come home to nasty notes on your front door and bad vibes from your neighbors for months!

  1. Many kennels today are more like resorts for dogs.

For example, here at Barney’s Ranch, we offer our four-footed guests the chance to romp both indoors and out in our 8,000-square-foot yard. In addition, our guests sleep in large corrals and we even have “executive suites” that can accommodate large dogs and/or dogs from the same home (so they can enjoy each other’s company all night, just as they do at home with you).

  1. Most boarding kennels have a veterinarian or at least a vet tech on hand for emergencies and to dispense medications.

Emergencies do crop up, unfortunately. If you have a pet sitter, is that person qualified to give your dog a shot or other medication? If your pet needs his meds at certain specific times during the day or night, a boarding kennel with a veterinarian on staff means your pet will be able to receive his medication 24/7.

Barney’s Ranch doesn’t have a veterinarian on staff (although we do dispense medications) but we have a close partnership with Valley View Pet Health Center, so that we get your pet to a veterinarian should his health warrant it.

Take a chance on boarding your dog and do so here at Barney’s Ranch. Visit our facilities (with your dog) to take a tour. We know your dog will love staying with us.

Call us at 469-450-7040 or send us an e-mail message at info@BarneysRanch.com.

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