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Did you know that almost 67 percent of dog owners consider their pet to be a member of their family? (This statistic is from the American Veterinarian Medical Association’s 2012 U.S. Pet Ownershhip & Demographics Sourcebook.)

If you’re one of that 67 percent, you very well may be thinking of giving your dog a gift this holiday season.

We’ve therefore put together some gift ideas for you. (Please note that we receive no commission should you purchase something from a link below. We’re providing the links only as a courtesy.)

holiday gifts for dogs

Your dog’s holiday wish list could include some of the ideas listed below.

  1. Fill this toy with your dog’s favorite treats.

Our Pets Smarter Interactive IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy gives your dog the chance to stay physically and mentally stimulated while earning a treat. The ball rolls on the floor and the treats spill out once the treats reach the small hole at one end of the ball. You can adjust the difficulty level as your dog learns the best ways to get the treats to fall out of the toy.

  1. Even dogs deserve Christmas “cookies.”

The Miles Kimball company hasn’t forgotten your beloved pet: the company known far and wide for its unique gifts and toys has put together 50 cookie-shaped dog treats for him. Called “Canine Cuisine Cookies,” the treats are colored red, green and white to go with the holiday season and made with “human-grade” ingredients. (They look so good, be careful not to leave them out on the counter; one of your guests could make a cookie-mistake!)

  1. Let your dog join in on your traditional “ugly holiday sweater” contest!

No ugly sweater contest is complete unless your four-footed family member competes. This New York Dog Ugly Holiday Sweater could well see your pet win the grand prize with its bright green stripes, jingle bells, reindeer applique, and even white pom-poms!.

  1. A lump of coal for the “bad dog.”

Planet Dog’s lump of coal dog toy actually will keep your dog happy and engaged for at least several minutes while everyone else opens gifts. The toy bounces and also floats in water.

  1. You drink beer while watching college bowl games; now your dog can, too.

Imagine it: you and your beloved pet watching the game together, each of your downing your favorite brew. What could be better?!

Bowser Beer provides six-packs of beef-flavored liquid – packaged in beer-shaped bottles – made especially for your dog. The “beer” drinks contain no fermentation, carbonation or alcohol. Instead, according to the company’s website, the drink’s “hearty beef flavor will put some hair on his chest and a wag in his tail.”

Of course, the best gift you can give your dog is plenty of love and attention. And, if you and your family are headed out of town for the holidays, treat your dog to his own vacation here at Barney’s Ranch.

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