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We’re hoping you found yourself questioning this post’s title. Does it mean your dog’s first-time being boarded overnight or your first time boarding a dog overnight in a kennel?

It’s actually both: the tips below will help you if this is your first time boarding a dog as well if you’re a pro at boarding a pet, but this boarding experience will be a first for a particular dog.

Dog boarding tips

Take a look below.

  • We know you’re nervous. This is your beloved pet, after all, and you want only the best for him. He loves you unconditionally and you want him to be happy. You want him to feel safe. And you don’t want him to feel stressed while away from you.
  • We want to reassure you: if you’re boarding your dog for the first time ever and you’re doing so here at Barney’s Ranch, we’ve got you covered. We’ve calmed the nerves of many a pet owner. We can practically guarantee your dog will have a wonderful time and, while he may miss you for a bit, he won’t be stressed, he won’t be scared. He’ll have a blast!
  • We recommend you visit any kennel a few days before you plan to board your dog. Do so by yourself and, if you like what you see, it’s a good idea to bring your dog for a visit, as well, so that he can play with some other guests and give our facility a good sniff test.
  • If you and your dog like what you see, when you come to drop him off for his overnight stay, bring any medicine he may need as well as any special prescribed food. Bring a favorite blanket and possibly a chew toy.
  • When it’s time for you to leave the kennel, give your dog a good scratch behind the ears – or however you say goodbye on a normal day when you’ll be gone for a short while – smile, tell him to have a good time (in a happy voice) and leave. Make the goodbye short and undramatic. The happier you seem, the happier your dog will be.
  • You should take on the same demeanor when you come to pick your dog up. No big hellos or drama; make sure you great him as if his staying in the kennel is a normal thing. You’re happy to see him, of course, but you weren’t bereft without him. Keeping good-byes and hellos as drama-free as possible, coupled with the great time we know your dog will have had with use, will help your pet look at going to the kennel as a normal part of his life.

We know you’ve read this here on our website before, but we believe it so much, we’re going to say it again: boarding your dog here at Barney’s Ranch is so much fun for your dog, it’s like sending him on his own vacation!

To learn more about our day and overnight boarding services, call us at 469-450-7040. You also may send us an e-mail at info@BarneysRanch.com.

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