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You may think that the only “type” of love your dog needs from you is praise when warranted, consequences when he misbehaves, a warm place to sleep, and a healthy diet.

But dogs need different varieties of love from its humans. Take a look below for seven different types of love your dog needs from you.

  1. As hinted at above, your dog needs direction. He needs to know when he’s done well in your eyes (praise, affection, treats, etc.), but he also needs to know when he’s done wrong. Dogs want to make their human owners happy but they can’t know how to do so unless we tell them. That’s where praise and the word “no!” come in. Praise your dog when he does something well and he’s over the moon. But he also needs to stop doing that which he shouldn’t, which is where “no!” and discipline come in.
  2. Which brings us to rules: your dog needs them. He thrives with them and he feels secure – loved – when you let him know what they are (by praise and “no!”) Setting consistent rules lets him know what he can and can’t do and this helps your dog feel safe.

love your puppy

  1. Affection: lots and lots of it. Your dog feels love when you show it to him. Pet him just because. Give him a treat every now and then “just because.”
  2. Attention also is critical: spending time with you where he has your undivided attention is heaven to your pet. Even just hanging out with you while you mow the grass – and giving you sticks you’ve ordered him to fetch from the ground – is nirvana to your pet.
  3. Don’t be his pal; be his leader. Dogs look to humans as leaders of the pack. It’s what they expect and need. So you need to make sure you’ve set clear rules for him and praise and correct him, as appropriate.
  4. Exercise and play. Get the dog exercise and allow him to play. This means not just slow walks twice a day, but allowing the dog to be as active as he’s able, considering his age and temperament at least once a day. Younger dogs, particularly those breeds that are more energetic than others, need to be able to run – or at the very least, explore – outside at least once a day. And it’s all the better if you run around and play with him!
  5. Allow your dog to get full sleep, as needed – and dogs typically need about 17 hours of restful sleep each day.

Speaking of play (number 6, above), when you need to head out of town on business or on vacation, let your dog have some great fun by boarding him here at Barney’s Ranch.  We have a terrific and large outdoor dog run that our guests love.

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