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Many people who board a dog while they are out of town feel guilty for doing so. They often look at their pet as a true member of the family and because they rarely leave a family member at home when going on vacation (well, perhaps if the family member is a surly teen…..), they feel great guilt for leaving the dog behind.

vacation dog boarding

And to add insult to injury, they place the dog in a boarding kennel! Call the ASPCA!

Seriously, though, we find that many owners of dogs boarded here at Barney’s Ranch feel just awful about leaving their pet behind. They truly feel they have let their pet down or that they have abandoned their pet. That’s why we have our live webcam set up- so owners can peek in on their furry friends!

So that’s why we’ve put together several reasons why you should never feel guilty about boarding your dog. Read below.

  • Raising children is hard and many pediatricians recommend that a couple take occasional vacations or days away without their children. This gives the couple a chance to reconnect as “just the two of us.” It can give them respite from the endless rigors of child rearing and can help strengthen the couple’s bond.
  • The same dynamic is at work when a family goes on vacation without their pet. It allows the family the freedom to do what the family wants, when the family wants. They are not constrained by making sure the dog is walked, receives his medicines at the proper time, if the dog can enter a restaurant or, if he can’t, where they’ll put the dog while they eat.
  • Most kennels today have veterinarian technicians on staff who can dispense your dog’s needed medications when he needs them and in the proper doses. Some kennels even have a veterinarian on staff and, if not, have agreements with one or two vet clinics nearby in case of emergencies. So, rest assured: your dog will be well taken care of.
  • Many dog kennels today have large dog runs for your pet’s exercise and enjoyment. Some even have large outdoor yards where your dog can run and play with other dogs and even eat and take naps.

In fact, a big reason why you should never feel guilty for boarding your dog is because he probably will have a great time, possibly even having more fun than he would going on vacation with your family. After all, if you were a dog, which would you prefer?

  • Staying with your humans in a hot, crowded car;
  • Taking walking breaks only every so often;
  • Sleeping every night in a new place;
  • Waiting in the car or outside an attraction while you’re inside; or

Staying in a boarding kennel with a huge outdoor play area, running around with new four-footed friends?

We thought so.

Barney’s Ranch is more than “just” a boarding kennel. We like to think of it – and many of our pet owners tell us that this is the case – as a vacation spot for dogs.

Give us a call at 469-450-7040 to learn more about our services or send us an e-mail at info@BarneysRanch.com. We look forward to becoming the “activity director” for your vacationing pet!

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