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Our favorite blog about dogs is our own, of course!

Yet, while we do talk about dogs in general here – how to train them, how to make sure they’re happy at a kennel, how to keep them happy overall – we’re also here to tout our boarding services.

So if you love dogs – as we know you do! – and you want to read blogs about dogs – and only about dogs – take a  look below at some of our favorite blogs about dogs.


Dogs can’t write – or blog. But their owners can – and do!

  • Oh My Dog! is a blog that tries to – in its own words – provide “a positive dose of dog (nearly) every day.” The blog offers stories about the author’s dogs, “DIY pup projects,” and training tips. Oh, and she also talks about her cats a bit, too. Plus lots of dog pictures!
  • The All Things Dog Blog was created (according to the blog’s owner) to “offer tips, ideas and inspiration for making your ‘life with dog’ easier and more enjoyable.” The site also offers advice from veterinarians, training tips and solutions to common pet problems. And lots of dog photos!
  • The No Dog About It Blog is, naturally, “all about dogs!” (or so its tagline reads). The blog’s owner – a former pet sitter and dog walker – describes the blog as one that started as a site to “share pet information with my clients, but over time it has become a venue in which to share my ponderings, thoughts, pet knowledge, and experience on a wide variety of pet-related topics.” Some great advice on this blog. And tons of photos of dogs!
  • Life with Dogs is a website that curates content from other websites. It includes videos, tips, articles about dogs, and more. The blog grew from the site owner’s “personal blog and creative outlet on Blogger. It is my mission to fetch the most interesting and relevant dog news and video for your consumption (when I’m not busy creating goofy cartoons and Photoshopped dog fun,…” The site also has a section for cats. And – just as she mentions on her About page – lots of Photoshopped dog fun. And dog photos. Lots of dog photos that have been sent in by the blog’s followers.

Do you have one or two dog blogs you read frequently? Tell us about them here!

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Image courtesy of Mister GC/FreeDigitalPhotos.net