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Many dog owners are worried that their pet may become ill while staying with us here at Barney’s Ranch for one or several nights. This is understandable for two reasons:

  1. They love their pet as part of their family.
  2. They know that other dogs could possibly carry disease and are concerned their dog could catch something.

Let us address the second concern here:

Any dog that boards with us must have proof of all required vaccinations, including rabies, DH LP, Parvo, and Bordatella.

While we can’t guarantee that your dog won’t become sick – you sign a waiver acknowledging that you understand the risks associated with communal boarding of dogs – we do everything possible to ensure our facilities are very clean and that dogs that start to show any signs of disease while here with us are isolated or removed.


If your dog becomes ill while staying with us, we’ll let you know ASAP!

When you bring your dog for overnight boarding we will ask for the following:

  • Phone numbers and e-mail address(es) where we can reach you in case of emergency. (We won’t board your pet unless we have this contact information.)
  • We’ll also ask for the names and contact information of other people – as designated by you – to contact in case we can’t reach you. This contact is someone you have designated as being able to make all medical decisions regarding your dog’s care.
  • We’ll also ask you for the name and contact information for your pet’s veterinarian.
  • If the situation becomes urgent and we can’t reach you or your designated contact, we will first contact your veterinarian.
  • If we can’t contact your veterinarian, or if your vet decides your dog’s condition is dire enough to require an emergency visit to a veterinarian, we will take the dog to the veterinarian clinic with which we work closely, Valley View Pet Health Center in Farmer’s Branch. (Please understand that any and all expenses related to veterinary care – either at your own vet’s or at Valley View – are your responsibility).

We understand how much you love your dog and we want to make sure he stays healthy and has a great time here with us.

We have a vet technician on staff to dispense any special medications your dog may need while boarding with us.

So if you want/need to call us each and every day to hear how he’s doing, feel free! What’s more, don’t be surprised if we take a photo of your dog playing with our other guests and then send it to that cellphone number you’re going to give us when you check him in for boarding…..

For more information on boarding your dog here at Barney’s Ranch, give us a call at 469-450-7040. You also may send us an e-mail message at info@BarneysRanch.com.

 Image courtesy of artzsamui/FreeDigitalPhotos.net