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As you look into finding a place to board your dog while away from home on business or vacation, you may wonder if you should board your pet at your veterinarian’s. Many vets do offer boarding services, after all.

Read below for our take on the pros and cons of boarding your dog at your local vet’s office instead of at a kennel.

  • First, a fun fact: PetMD.com reports that there are more than 3,000 boarding kennels across the country serving 30 million pet owners each year.
  • Many boarding kennels have a veterinarian on premises, so if your pet has medical issues that need close supervision, a veterinarian is close at hand in case of emergency. (Full disclosure: while we don’t have a veterinarian here on staff at Barney’s Ranch, we do have a veterinary technician who can administer special medication to your dog as needed.)
  • Most boarding kennels have outdoor dog runs or at least large indoor runs so that your dog has a chance to exercise and romp. Many veterinarian offices aren’t large enough to offer this important benefit. (By the way, Barney’s Ranch has an 8,000-square-foot outdoor run for our guests!)
  • Many veterinarians board their dogs in small-ish kennels. Here at Barney’s Ranch, we accommodate your pet in spacious corrals. Even if a veterinarian has larger kennels, their offices often don’t have kennels large enough to accommodate large dog breeds. Barney’s Ranch has large “executive suites” that will fit even the largest of large breeds.


Your dog may spend more time in a cage/kennel than playing if you board him at a veterinarian’s office.

  • Veterinarian offices are full of stressed animals. While the kennel area undoubtedly will be removed from the main operating/servicing area, your dog more than likely will pick up on the fear and stress of the vet’s patients. A kennel, however – and especially one such as ours – is a place of joy and fun for your dog.

We freely admit that we are biased when it comes to the pros and cons of boarding your dog at your local vet’s or at a kennel and that’s because we truly believe your dog will have a better time staying at a kennel!

For more information on our overnight boarding services, give us a call at 469-450-7040. You also may send send us an e-mail message at info@BarneysRanch.com.

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